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Best Tower Fan Reviews – 2021

There are different appliances that can be used for the purposes of providing relief from the heat inside the home. For those with a good chunk of disposable monthly income that they can spend on a heftier electric bill, air conditioners are available and ready to turn even some of the most humid homes into cool and comfortable places of residence. Others may go with the classic electric fans that provide suitable amounts of cooling for smaller rooms and there are also those who prefer to rely on ceiling fans to provide some soothing air for larger spaces.

Electric and ceiling fans may not work for really open spaces, and so, industrial fans may also be called upon to provide needed cooling.

But what about those homeowners who want to remain cool and comfortable inside their houses without having to compromise their design plans just so they can find space for fans or air conditioning units? For those homeowners, the product they need inside their home is a tower fan.

Because of how tower fans are designed, they can fit comfortably into most available spaces in any room and not disrupt whatever design theme is being followed, making them ideal home additions.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Tower Fan

Tower fans are pretty similar to the other fans available on the market, save for two specific design quirks. First off, tower fans are on the slimmer side because they are designed not to take up a huge amount of space in the room they are used in. Tower fans are also designed in a way that allows them to take in and then disperse cool air in a manner somewhat dissimilar to how other fans work. These particular fans can fit well into just about any room. Models can also vary in height and the ways they distribute air.

Listed below are some of the best tower fans available today, as well as the standout features worth knowing about them:


Best Tower Fan Reviews

Ozeri 3X Tower Fan

Let’s start with the 3X Tower Fan of Ozeri – an appliance remarkable for both its look and its additional features. The frame of the fan is elegantly contoured, with no edges jutting out and the surface looking smooth all over. Another interesting design choice followed for this tower fan is the usage of the three smaller fans. It is worth noting that the three fans are not just for show. Owners can independently control each of the smaller fans, and that comes in really handy for those times when the people in the room have varying levels of tolerance for cool air.

Users also get access to three different pre-programmed airflow patterns – comfort, relaxation, and sleep – for added convenience. Arguably the best part for owners of the 3X Tower Fan from Ozeri is that they can change its settings easily with just some help from their Android or iOS devices.


  • Even when oscillating, users don’t have to worry about annoying noises needlessly keeping them awake.
  • Aside from smartphones, this tower fan can be controlled using an extended range remote and an easy-to-use control panel.


  • Some of the lights on this fan won’t turn off when in use, and that can be an issue when you’re trying to sleep.
  • There will be times when you wished this fan produced cooler air.



Dyson AM07 Tower Fan (Black Nickel)

In all likelihood, your priority when shopping for a tower fan is to find one that provides the kind of cooling you want for your home. However, even if your focus is on improving the comfort level inside your house, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a tower fan that’s also stylish and safe, and that’s where Dyson’s AM07 Tower Fan comes in. The most striking feature of this fan is its design. Its distinctive design is quite beautiful, especially if you prefer the minimalist look. One other welcome feature of Dyson’s AM07 Tower Fan is that it does not make use of any blades.

Accidents involving fans aren’t that common to begin with, and with this fan, you can just about reduce the chances of an unfortunate incident taking place down to zero. The Black Nickel color scheme also has an aesthetic quality that is quite pleasing.


  • This tower fan is already pretty easy to clean, but the absence of the blades just means you’ll have fewer items to worry about periodically cleaning.
  • It’s remarkably quiet, and that makes it easier to enjoy a good night of sleep.


  • This fan’s remote control is magnetized so that it can be stored easier, and you will not want to forget that fact, because the fan becomes more difficult to use without that remote.
  • Fan’s height may make cooling higher areas a bit of a challenge.



Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan (White Silver)

We’re back to Dyson and their Air Multiplier AM08 Tower Fan, but we’re looking at a different color scheme this time. The usage of the white and silver for this model is quite bold, and it results in the creation of an item that possesses an almost ethereal quality. This tower fan will not fit seamlessly into any bedroom or living room because of its distinct minimalist look, but if you’re searching for that something different that can work as a design centerpiece, you may have it in this fan.


  • This tower fan is already pretty easy to clean, but the absence of the blades just means you’ll have fewer items to worry about periodically cleaning.
  • It’s remarkably quiet, and that makes it easier to enjoy a good night of sleep.
  • That color scheme is eye-catching in a different kind of way.


  • This fan’s remote control is magnetized so that it can be stored easier, and you will not want to forget that fact, because the fan becomes more difficult to use without that remote.
  • Fan’s height may make cooling higher areas a bit of a challenge.
  • Stains will be easier to detect on this tower fan.



Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan

The Wind Curve Tower Fan from Lasko is a classic example of this type of product, and that’s far from being a bad thing. Though Lasko has chosen to feature a classic design scheme, they have updated the look of this fan enough to the point that it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in a well-designed room. There’s also a fresh air ionizer that’s built into this fan, and that helps it provide air that feels more breathable and refreshing.

The wind curve design ensures that the negative ions are dispersed to all corners of the room, resulting in cooling and comfort coming from every which way. Lastly, the controls of this fan are easy to understand, so there’s no learning curve to get over.


  • It’s on the taller side, so you can use it inside larger rooms without worrying that the cooling will be insufficient.
  • This fan features the patented safety fuse technology.


  • Clean up is not going to be the easiest task to complete given the different components of this tower fan.
  • Having a few more speed options available would have been nice.



Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Honeywell’s Fresh Breeze Tower Fan wants you to be able to experience what it’s like to have a spring breeze hit your skin whenever you desire. The breeze mode setting featured by this particular fan is meant to provide a sensation of cooling similar to what you get from a nice gust of wind. You should know though that if you would like something cooler than a gust of wind, Honeywell still has you covered. Cooling preferences may also differ from one person to the next, and that’s fine, because this fan will still work for you thanks to the directional cooling made possible by the tilted design of its head.


  • Intervals for the shut-off timer make it possible for you to have the fan set to turn off once the cool of the night really settles in.
  • Enjoy stronger air produced by the turbo generator wind blades.


  • It’s a little heavier than some other tower fans, so try to find a good spot for it early on.
  • You will probably need to set aside a bit of time if you want to clean it up.



Genesis 43-Inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan

The 43-inch Oscillating Digital Tower Fan from Genesis is not the most stylish one we’ve reviewed so far, but what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for with its versatility. Starting with the settings, if you would like speed options to be more than just “slow, fast, and too fast,” then this tower fan could be what you need. The six available speed settings are there to help you find the right kind of cooling you need for either an afternoon of relaxation or a night of rest. Another convenient feature of this Genesis fan is tied to its timer.

The timer can account for 12 hours and it can be programmed at 30-minute intervals to make sure that you remain comfortable all night.


  • In addition to the speed settings, three different wind modes are also offered by this fan.
  • A special feature ensures that this fan will remain protected even in the event of a fuse blowing up.


  • It’s going to take some time reaching all those parts that need cleaning..
  • Use the carry handle included because this is not the lightest tower fan.



Trustech Oscillating Tower Fan

The Trustech Oscillating Tower Fan is taller than many of its cooling counterparts available on the market. So, what does that mean for you? Well, if you happen to have a spacious living room, then chances are, you’ve struggled to find a fan that is capable of providing balanced cooling for it. The Oscillating Tower Fan from Trustech could be precisely what you need as it can reach into every inch of the living room and keep everyone there nice and cool.


  • Three speeds and three breeze modes are available, so figure out which pairing feels best for you.
  • This fan has been designed with the intention of minimizing noise, and that is evident during usage.


  • Cleaning is not that difficult, but it’s still not as easy as you would want it to be.
  • The annoying blue lights strike again, and they can really bug you when you’re just trying to get some sleep.



Cascade Oscillating Tower Fan

When you’re climbing into bed after a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is to interrupt your slumber because the fan is blowing a little too cool or perhaps not cool enough for your liking. This issue really can spoil an otherwise relaxing night, and if you don’t want to experience something like that again, Cascade’s Oscillating Tower Fan may be able to help you. This fan from Cascade features three unique evening wind modes that are calibrated for comfort.

The Evening Wind mode will lower the fan’s speed gradually through the night, while the Breeze setting causes the speeds to fluctuate. Going with continuous means the fan’s speed setting you chose before going to bed will remain fixed.


  • Four different fan speeds are available so you can better find your exact comfort level.
  • Everything can be changed and adjusted using the included remote control.


  • Cleaning this fan from Cascade will take more than just a few seconds.
  • In terms of its design, it’s not as eye-catching as the other tower fans mentioned previously.



Ozeri Ultra Wind Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

Ozeri is not shy about incorporating technology into their products, and their Ultra Wind Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan is proof of that. This tower fan has been designed with the specific purpose of generating greater air velocity, while still not bothering users with too much noise. Similar to Ozeri’s 3X Tower Fan, this item can also be controlled remotely via iOS and Android devices.


  • You don’t have to worry about misplacing the remote control.
  • The futuristic look certainly has potential, and could work well inside different homes.


  • The greater air velocity could mean that even the lowest speed setting is too cold on certain nights.
  • Regular cleaning is something you will have to do.



Levoit LV373 Tower Fan

Levoit’s Tower Fan is certainly going to leave an impression on you thanks to its unique look and features. For instance, while the entire fan features 90° automatic oscillation, the top half of it can spin around completely, providing cool air wherever it is directed. Different modes will also help you find the level of cool air you need for your slumber. Nights will also remain as peaceful as you need them to be because this fan does not produce disruptive noise.


  • The LED display is easy to understand, and you can turn it off when you want to.
  • Pick a specific time for when you want to fan to shut down and enjoy your night.


  • Periodic checks are required to ensure too much dust isn’t being accumulated by the fan.
  • The distinct look of this fan will not work with all design schemes.


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