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Best Ceiling Fans Reviews For 2021

Ceiling fans are necessity in almost every household. They are a perfect way to add some extra air flow into your home and they can actually help you save money by bringing in more energy efficient ways to cool your home. Ceiling fans can also add a little touch of pizzazz to your room’s decoration as well by giving your guests or potential buyers a little something extra to look at in room, a statement piece, if you will. Ceiling fans are a really great way to update your room and keep it feeling cool and relaxing.


What is a Ceiling Fan?

The ceiling fan was created by a German-American man named Philip Diehl in 1882. He adapted an electric motor that was originally going to be used for a sewing machine into the world’s first ceiling fan. The ceiling fans that we know and love began production in 1896, when the alternating current in Fulton New York began production. Diehl began to face competition at this point, because there were commercial revenues creating ceiling fans now. He strived to make more improvements and he succeeded. He added the benefit of a light kit and placed it on the ceiling fan to provide both light and cool air. By the 1920s, ceiling fans were common in almost every household.


What Styles of Ceiling Fans are offered?

In this modern age, ceiling fans are offered in all sorts of sizes, finishes, and designs. The right ceiling fan in your room will not only keep it cool, but will complement your home décor like a breeze. Antique ceiling fans are designed to display a type of vintage style. They have decorative scrollwork on the housing and blade brackets. This style is usually seen with homes that have empire furniture, floral prints throughout the home, and warm brass and copper finishes.


Contemporary ceiling fans add a great, modern feel to any room that they are added too. These ceiling fans usually have clean lines and smooth metallic finishes. These ceiling fans usually look best to natural textiles in the room décor like cotton, chrome, nickel, and stainless steel hardware. Geometric accents would help the ceiling fan give the room an extra bit of classiness.


Rustic ceiling fans would fit in really well with a home that gives off a country theme or somewhat like a farmhouse would be like. A rustic ceiling fan usually has straight lines, with dark wood finishes that accents other wood finishes inside of the home. These ceiling fans can usually become the centerpiece for a room if they are placed in a room with somewhat muted, lodge-style furniture.


Coastal inspired ceiling fans are often seen in coastal inspired homes. These fan blades are usually island-inspired as well, such as bamboo, natural palm leaf or rattan blades with distressed wood finishes. These types of ceiling fans all usually paired with brighter colors in a room, making the fan a little be muted.


What are the Benefits of Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are a great way to save on your electricity bill in those hot, humid months of summer. If you use your ceiling fan during the summer months and place your thermostat a little higher than your usual indoor temperature, you will not really be able to notice a huge difference in comfort. When you raise the thermostat, you are actually likely to save around 30 percent on your air-conditioning bills. Of course, that is an estimate, because other factors like where you live and your homes’ construction also plays a huge factor as well.

In the cold months of winter, a fan will help re-circulate the warm air that is rising naturally to the room and heading for the ceiling. By turning the fan on in the reverse direction, since most have reversible motors anyway, the air should be able to come down to the living area. This in turn allows you to work your heater less and saves you more money.


Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

There are several different styles and sizes of ceiling fans on the market today. Let’s review some of the best ceiling fans and see if any of these choices seem to be the perfect fit for your home and your home décor.


1. Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades and Piped Toffee Glass Light Bowl, 52-Inch, New Bronze

This ceiling fan is about 52 inches and comes complete with a WhisperWind motor, which delivers the maximum amount of performance and the most powerful amount of cooling power when you needed it without the noises some ceiling fans can make. The lighting part of the ceiling fan comes with two 60 Watt candelabra incandescent bulbs already included. There is an included pull chain that allows access to quickly turn the fan off and on if the needed is there, or cut down the speed of the fan itself. This motor is capable of running in reverse, meaning that you will have cool air in the summer and warmer in the winter. This fan is for indoor use only, with a thirteen degree blade pitch. When used properly, the blade pitch ensures the amount of ideal air movement will be at peak performance.


2. Hunter 59244 Dempsey Low Profile Fresh White Ceiling Fan With Light & Remote, 44 Inch

This ceiling fan is another fan from Hunter Fan Company, and features the WhisperWind motor to help you get the cool air that you want, without any noises that you don’t. Also, this ceiling fan comes equipped with a reversible motor that allows you to change the direction of the blades from downdraft in the summer and updraft in the winter. This ceiling fan is suitable for indoor usage only and has a low-profile housing. This means that it is specifically designed to fit flush into the ceiling and is great for low ceilings.

This fan includes a light and a universal handheld remote control to making changing the speed or just turning the fan off and on more convenient. The fan also has a light kit that comes equipped with two 9.8 Watt LED bulbs. There is also a limited lifetime warranty backed by the company, who has been in business for over 126 years.


3. Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Brazilian Cherry/Harvest Mahogany Blades and Swirled Marble Glass Light Kit, Brushed Nickel

This ceiling fan is designed to be the centerpiece of the room. It is made for rooms that are up to 485 square feet and are equipped with the Instraller’s Choice three position mounting system. This ceiling fan has a three light fixture that have 3.60 Watt candelabra bulbs in them at purchase. This fan is equipped with the WhisperWind motor, making it a great choice for a home or office ceiling fan. The reversible motor also allows you to change the direction of the flow inside of your room from downdraft in the summer months to updraft in the winter months.

The exclusive Hunter motor technology and hanging system will help you have lifetime assurance that the fan will remain quiet for life and wobble-free. The three position mounting system by Installer’s Choice allows for standard mounting, and also low and angled mounting as well. The fan has three speeds and has a pull chain for quick and easy adjustments to speed and on and off purposes. Hunter, a name in the fan business for over 126 years, also offers a limited lifetime motor warranty on all their ceiling fan motors.


4. Hyperikon Remote Control Ceiling Fan, 52-Inch Black Ceiling Fan Fixture with Five Reversible Blades – Light Fixture Not Included

This 52 inch ceiling fan comes with a 62 Watt motor for higher airflow and more air circulation than ever before. The five wooden blades that are included provide 4,450 CFM which translates into an airflow efficiency of nearly 71 CFM/W. The sleek low profile design makes this fan the perfect fan with those rooms that have low ceilings. The fan literally hugs the ceiling in a sense, with its flush mounted design.

The fan comes with a remote control so that you can control the fan from anywhere in the room. You can adjust all of the settings without ever once grabbing for the pull chain. The fan is also equipped with two-way rotation with the help of a reversible motor. The Classic wood fan blades can be switched from downward airflow during the summer to upward airflow during the winter, which helps your actually get to use all the heat that’s trapped at the top of the ceiling. There is a five year unlimited warranty offered on all of Hyperikon’s ceiling fans, so it’s easy to get a fast replacement should the need arise.


5. Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan, Five Wet Rated Wicker Blades, Indoor/Outdoor, White

This ceiling fan features a fun, tropical design for the blades, which are made out of wicker and feature a white finish. These wicker fan blades have a 12 degree blade pitch and are five ETL wet rated. The controls on this ceiling fan are super easy to use. They are traditional pull chains to turn it on and off but they are also compatible with Honeywell Duvall’s ceiling fan remotes, so you could potentially set it up that way if you’d like to. The fan features a quiet reversible motor that has four different speeds.

This fan is designed to be able to fit in medium to large sized spaces, such as a living room, bedroom, or outdoor spaces like a porch or a patio. Honeywell offers a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all of their ceiling fans, so you will know that you are able to get a replacement should the need ever arise.


6. Casablanca Verse 44 in. Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is Energy Star certified with its motor and lights saving your money and using less energy. The Verse is a retro-styled ceiling fan with a contemporary twist. The fan borrows elements from the 1950s, with a now modern and metropolitan twist. This ceiling fan will keep any room feeling comfortable but also looking fresh and inspired for many years to come. The Verse comes with a variety of assembly options and offers a simple comfort along with a personal touch feeling to the room that it’s installed inside.

The light that is included on the fan has many choices for brightness. You can choose downrod or low-profile lighting or just use an LED light. You can also view with no-light cap if you would like that better. All of the fans pieces and accessories are all included in one box, so you will be able to install this ceiling fan in your home or outside on your patio or porch quickly and easily.


7. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote (3-Blade)

This ceiling fan is one of Harbor Breeze’s newest models. It offers a sleek mid-body layout and has a contemporary take on the traditional ceiling fan. The coherent compact design makes it easy to be able to fit perfectly in a medium or small room or office. The fan has a powerful motor and an integrated LED light fixture that will give you the light and air movement that you need to feel comfortable in your home. The 44 inch fan’s light fixture includes one 18 watt LED bulb for added energy efficiency.

The fan provides airflow up to 4,545 – CFM, which is perfect for a room that is around 100 square feet. The fan’s three speeds will help you keep the comfort level just where you would like it to be. The convenient handheld remote control will help you be able to adjust the settings from anywhere in the room. The reversible motor also helps you save more money by being able to switch the direction of the fan for the summer and winter months. The flush mount installation is perfect for those homes and offices with low ceilings.


8. LuxureFan Industrial Retro Ceiling Fan Light Elegant for Restaurant/Living Room with Create Iron Cage Cover and 5 Reversible Wood Leaves Remote Control of 52Inch

LuxureFan’s ceiling fan is a beautiful indoor ceiling fan that is equipped with five-light Edison Bulbs, but also fits A19 and G25 bulb styles as well. The five wood blades on this ceiling fan have a sleek and noble appearance. The three speeds of the fan are controlled by the pull chain, or can be used by the included remote control by a timer from anywhere in the room. The fan is equipped with a reversible WhisperWind motor and can be changed for the changing seasons; from downdraft in the summer to updraft in the winter.

The assembly of the ceiling fan is quick and easy, with a helpful instructional video that shows you how to install the fan step-by-step. The package also includes a dynamic blade balance kit to give the ceiling fan more balance after it is installed. There is a one year warranty available on this fan and 1:1 accessories replacement against on materials or workmanship.


9. Fanimation FPD8159MWW Odyn – 84 inch – MWW with MW Blades and LED Light Kit

This fan provides a modern look to your room with matte white blades and a white finish. This fan offers fresh air, safe exit, timer and home and away features on its settings. The light fixture comes with an 18 Watt LED light and cap included in the packaging. The fan’s fanSync is compatible with the TR205 remote control from Fanimation. This ceiling fan is wet rated and comes with a set of five blades. This fan would be perfect for an outdoor setting, like a patio or a porch.


10. RainierLight Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan Remote Control 5 Reversible Blades 5 Frosted Glass Cover for Indoor/Bedroom/Living Room LED Fan Chandelier Mute Fan 52 Inch

This fan is as fancy as they come! The fan features a unique nine light design with five high quality metal blades and five frosted glass lights. Four lights are on the motor of th fan and two are downrod. These lights can be used for lighting, decoration, or anything else according to your needs. The fan has a quiet, reversible motor so that you can switch the blades airflow during the summer and winter months. The fan has three speeds and can be controlled with a remote control for easy access to the on and off features and the speed adjustments. The ceiling fan gives off both soft and natural light and is equipped with the ability to provide the perfect amount of light in each room. There is a one year warranty, free replacement and refund offered on this ceiling fan for 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

These are some of the best ceiling fans on the home improvement market today. You should research some of these fan choices to see if these fans are the right fit in your office or your dream home. They are a really great way to help cool your home or warm up your home without breaking your bank account.


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